22 May 2016

Grateful Day!

I have a lot to be grateful for last week and this week! I may need to move the grateful post to another day because it seems I just cannot get my butt in gear lately. Anyway let's jump in!

  • The best thing about last week was that my little sister graduated from university! She is now officially out of school and part of the adult world! It's not the best club in the world but we are all so proud that she finished her program.
  • It rained! It has been great to see so much rain, we really needed the moisture. The ground was so dry! It's still raining.
  • My garden is looking good, even if I'm the one that has to say so :)
  • I had an interview that I aced, although it may lead to a dead end. More on this later.
  • I spent a great weekend with the family this past weekend. 
  • I have hope for the future, more so today than I did a month ago.
  • Therapy is progressing well and I am learning to be nicer to myself. I feel like my therapists biggest challenge is getting me to be nice to myself. If were just half as nice as I am to others, I think I wouldn't need therapy.
  • Work is going by quickly and I have been super busy. Obviously everything has to be done before I leave because who else will do it once I'm gone right? In science, it is never over and quite honestly at this point in time I am so ready to say sayonara! No doubt someone else will figure it all out and any contributions I have made will be forgotten. C'est la vie.
  • I have completed some major steps for a complete career change and they were kind of scary.
  • I am grateful especially for my family and friends.
Obviously life has been pretty hectic but I am really trying to focus on living in a balanced fashion because dedicating every waking thought to research is not healthy for me or anyone else. Work really has been a challenge lately, my instinct is to stay late and work my butt off but common sense tells me 4 hrs more will not really accomplish more. On the contrary I will be miserable and the work will suffer, as it had been. As for my home, the inside has suffered some but the yard is looking pretty good. I want to say life is good although at this exact moment I'm not feeling it because quite honestly it is good. Yes I am definitely starting to feel freaked out by not having a job lined up yet but the thought of continuing in research is just depressing. I'm a strong person, I have tolerated almost 7 years of absolute misery, breaks in between but miserable nonetheless. Some of the past 10 years of research have been good, I can't complain about all of them but the past 2 years have been particularly difficult because I was so unhappy. Enough of that, moving on! Hopefully to bigger and better things :)

I hope everyone has had a good weekend because I surely did!

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