29 July 2015

Adventures on a New Continent

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry for not posting before but it has been an incredibly busy summer for me.

This was soooo goooooood!

  1. I took a 2 week vacation - more like staycation - because I had to not because I wanted to; had no money to go anywhere. I forced myself to not be productive. 
  2. The trip to Chile was finally confirmed - right before my vacation. I returned to work for a week and then left the country. I am currently in Chile! It´s cold.
  3. Right now I am working in a lab that is very different but very cool! It´s been interesting. The culture here is very European but they might disagree. It does have its own flavor and is very relaxed. The food is very different from what I´m used to but good. Sandwiches are a staple but very different, they use a lot of avocado (palta here). They don´t use a lot of lettuce and vegetables are limited but I was informed that due to drought most vegetables/legumes are very expensive. Thus limited. 
I think they were cold.
It is so strange to be writing this from Valparaiso but so much fun! The people have been so nice and welcoming. The only thing is that it´s cold, I´ve been invited back but told it will be in summer next time. Thank God! The city is very different and what is acceptable is so strange to me. For example there is graffiti everywhere! I mean everywhere. It´s not gang related and is more artistic in nature but it´s weird to see houses full of random drawings, words, etc. The take away from Valparaiso so far is that it´s an old city fighting to maintain an antiquated vision but moving forward quickly; perhaps too quickly. People here are very intense too, right now they are having lots of demonstrations/protests by students and labor protests. 
Oh yeah, I have completed another one of my goals! I now have ink! I actually did it in April but it is in a private area, nothing dirty just not something you would see out in public. Mainly because I don´t wear midriff bearing clothing. Scandlous! Yeah this has been a strange summer and year.  When I return I will post more about this trip!

Have a good week!