26 March 2014

Many Moons

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the absence but lots of big things have happened since the last time we met! I think I'm changing my name to Many Moons. Lunar cycles have come and gone in my life for the past 35 years! I have beat my personal best for days without dying and I hope to continue doing so :)

I have been so busy these past few months, cliche I know but I have been BUSY. I went to San Francisco for a conference while I was sick. The day before my poster was to be presented I almost lost my voice but Sucrets saved the day. I got to see some friends I hadn't seen in a very long time and that was fun.  The city is quite pretty and diverse but a little (I mean a lot) dirty. Their homeless population is astounding and saddening. I have to say that city surprised me. The income disparity there is incredible. I am still amazed that you can go a few blocks and be in the Tenderloin but you just left a Hermes store. Yes the architecture is beautiful, the weather was awesome, the food great, and tons to do but not a very livable city. I know that you have a higher wage there but would it be worth it? Either way I most definitely enjoyed myself in San Francisco and would not discourage anyone from visiting.  The conference was a great success as well :) I'll post pictures soon but just haven't made the time to get the pics off my camera.

Then when I returned, I recovered from my cold and went from 34 to 35 yo. A big transition in my opinion. Its caused a bit of an existential crisis, I realized that if I had a kid this year that child would be in its teens when I am 50. All of a sudden I'm not so sure about kids anymore. I mean I love kids and I suppose I always assumed I would have them but it just hasn't happened for me. Lets just say I'm with Charlotte, I definitely thought my life would be waaaaaaaaaaay different by the time I was 35. As it seems I'm having a midlife crisis, am I allowed a flashy sports car? Or is the female equivalent a face-lift? Or boob-lift?

I prefer the car.

Otherwise, work is great and life is pretty good :)

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their lives!