26 July 2013

Nesting Duvets

I've been craving some nesting in my life as of late :)  For us ladies - or at least this lady - that means home decor and smiling at children, even the bratty ones.  I need a baby fix.  I know that 15 minutes of not being able to calm down a baby and I'm done for the month or months ahead.  Superficial I know but I why buy the cow when you get the milk for free right?  Don't get me wrong I love babies but I especially love the quiet that follows when they leave :)

I know, I know, once you have your own it's TOTALLY DIFFERENT.  However, as this particular lady doesn't have any of her own yet, I do believe I am entitled to little smack talk :)  The nesting part of this is I have been obsessed with home decor!  OK so maybe not completely nesting but this is the closest I've ever gotten.  Yeah not looking at baby furniture or stuff like that.  Right now I want a new bed and new bedcovers to go with the new bed.   Especially that green to the right there.  Love it!  I want new drapes and I would love some art work but I can never decide on anything.  I'm surprised I can say that I really want those covers to the right!  C'est la vie.

I've also been working on the yard because it rained for several days straight and the weeds are doing some serious damage.  It was days of rain and mud and the weeds are once more threatening my backyard.  So sad.  Especially after all of my hard work and the fact that I thought I was making progress.  The front yard is doing well, I guess I have kept some of it up but the rain did not help me much and yet it did.  We really needed rain and now I have flowering shrubs but I also have flowering weeds.  I guess you gotta give a little and hopefully by the end of this summer I will have all of this under control.

Well hope the weekend is decent for everyone, if not great :)   (I don't want to build it up too much and then it lets you down).

16 July 2013


Ugh Blogger sucks sometimes.  Lately most of the time.  For some reason it won't allow me to see the comment forms on my posts, it only allows me to publish others comments.  Bear with me while my non-techy butt figures this out. Sorry everyone.

12 July 2013

Elephants and Toes

Have you ever noticed how ugly feet are?  Look at them.  The toes imitate fingers but they're not really fingers.  It's not like you do much with them and even if you lost some, your balance would only be slightly affected.  The brain would compensate some other way.  The toes don't really bend.  Not only that they develop corns over time!  Not pretty and they can become eyesores.

Cartoon because I didn't want to hurt feelings.
Now think about the heels.  Before 25 years of age, they're pretty smooth and look pretty in sandals.  On the morning of your 25th birthday you wake up and they're black, cracked, and ugly!  I mean they don't even wait to sneak it up on you!  You wake up and they go BAM!  Later on in life you can also develop calluses which can be painful or just plain ugly or both.

We all know feet are ugly.  We just don't talk about it.  I mean come on, when you have plastic surgery that will remove bones so that feet can fit in Jimmy Choo shoes, I think it's the elephant in the room.

Unveiling of Fénykövi ElephantAnd don't get me started on toenails!  A weird thing to think about perhaps but Pinterest is full of pins detailing how to get beautiful feet today.  Humans didn't develop shoes for foot protection, we did it to protect our eyes from our feet. 

10 July 2013

Fireworks and Adele

I love my Kindle but sometimes when reading for work I still want to write notes in the margins and doodle on the page as my brain processes all of those concepts.  That’s the only thing the Kindle doesn’t do for me but otherwise I love it!  Just a Kindle update.

What of life you ask?  Well nothing super exciting.  Work is going well, working on expression tests, protein crystallization, and understanding sub-conductance levels.  If you thought or said “Huh?”; I do that on a daily basis.  Fourth of July was spent at the parents’ house and managed to get through it alive, no one died and no one was disowned.  Success.  The nephew and I played endlessly and he fixed my car for me, which meant him holding the flashlight for his dad while his dad tinkered with the car.  He was quite proud of himself.  I also made mac and cheese for the first time and a valuable lesson was also learned.  When making mac and cheese, buy ingredients in LBB and then take to Carlsbad.  I spent $50 on cheese.  Yes you read that right!  I almost keeled over when I saw the price but as I didn’t prepare I was stuck at the register buying all that stuff.  At least it was good.  I would have been angrier with myself had it not been good.  I came back exhausted but I had a good time.

Although, I do have one funny story from the 4th of July fireworks show.  My sister took me to go watch the show that Carlsbad puts on every year; the added bonus this year being that the local radio station had choreographed the show to music.  We parked at a parking lot to watch the show from because the streets that lead up to the site are blocked off.  They do it along the Pecos River and you have to show up early to find a spot, a whole drama that neither my sister nor I wanted to deal with on such a hot day.  Thus we parked from afar to watch; far being 1 ½ blocks away.  When the show started the music starts, quite patriotic.  Then halfway through the ½ hour show Adele starts singing.  That made me giggle.  The final song?  Adele’s “Skyfall” song.  Perhaps the fact that it had the word sky in the title made whoever chose the music think, sky = fireworks.  However, I think they missed the point – which was this day celebrates independence from England and monarchies.  I felt the song choices undermined that just a little.  When that last song came on the radio the giggle changed into laughter and eye-rolling.  And this is why I make fun of New Mexico.