19 September 2014

Grey Clouds Are Here to Stay

Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration. It's just that these clouds do not want to move on, they're ruining Mexico's coast, drowning El Paso, and over all causing great sadness in my life. The first 2 or 3 days everyone was saying, "WOW! Rain we love you!", now we're all saying, "OK WTF?!". We are so blue, I'm not kidding everyone in the department today was either having a bad day or feeling down in the dumps. We had a storm on Wednesday that was harsh! It rained so hard that we couldn't see across the street. This is an image from that day. I had to document the day because no one would believe that TX has days like this, at least not on the South Plains.
This week has been pretty blah due to the weather, haven't felt too productive due to the weather. Recently celebrated my Abuelita's birthday and it was awesome; being at her house and just being with my loved ones was regenerative. I hadn't been home in quite some time, it was nice to be with people that you love especially in a place that represents so much. My childhood was lived there in that house, I have lived and learned much at my grandmother's home. That is a true home. I miss her just writing about this, hopefully I'll be spending a lot more time there in the future. I had forgotten why I tried to spend every single weekend and vacation day at that house. It was fun, safe, and loving, providing the perfect environment for a child. Oh and it wasn't grey skies nor was it cold - it was perfect. Missing the sunny skies of El Paso.

Alright it was a little cloudy.

12 September 2014

Updates and Such

There's been a lot going on lately in my life and I have been trying to write a post for the past 2 weeks. The rate was pretty slow, I mean it was like 2 letters a day for half of the previous sentence!

Updates? Many!

Well I have kept the gym thing going, even when I have to go at it alone. The new semester has begun and so have the new spin classes. Monday mornings at 630, the instructor isn't bad looking and his style is very interactive. He is not constantly on the bike but instead walking around and making sure everybody has good form, I enjoyed the class. I like order and structure, hence the science. Friday mornings - again 630 - a friend and I do Zumba. Love that class! The other days my friend and I drag ourselves to the gym and do a little cardio (I don't try too hard at this) and then lift some weights (I try harder at this).

This month I haven't truly volunteered because I slacked it at work during the summer and am now trying to meet a deadline. It's not that I'll lose my job but I would like to meet the deadline because it implies my travelling :) Who wants to pass up a chance to travel? For free? Yeah I thought so. Otherwise work is pretty awesome, crystallizing stuff and learning new techniques. You know, owning the science. Yup.
Available here.

I know life sounds amazing but other areas aren't perfect. Ask me if there's any time leftover to go out and meet someone? Nope. None. No one in the life. No time in the life. The yard is a mess. Both front and back. My house is disgustingly disorganized. I have not been to my knitting group in forever. There's a lot of stuff that has been ignored in my personal life. Not everything is peachy but I guess that's how it goes. Some things are great, others are definitely not great. Worst part is I think we've entered an early Fall. Yes temperatures dropped this week and I have a gut feeling they will not pick up again. I know it's September but usually we have a very warm start to Fall. Well I guess I need to dig out some sweaters some time soon. I apologize to the reader's who live in the North, I know that 24C (75F) is not freezing but you aren't from the desert. We like warm weather. I mean really like it. One day of grey weather and we wonder how more northern people don't cry all of the time.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I will be spending some time in my beloved desert and will warm up - hopefully.