30 December 2013

2013 Out!

Christmas has come and gone and it just didn't feel like Christmas this year.  Some years the merry is in it, other years life has the opposite effect.  It wasn't a bad Christmas, far from it but for some reason I just didn't settle into the spirit.  I think the past 2 months were so busy that I just didn't take the time to take everything in and appreciate what a wonderful year this has been.  Without further ado here's my Christmas spirit!

  1. This year I was so lucky to meet some great people and see some wonderful people again.  A friend from South America was here for 4 months and we had a great time!  I made a new friend from my other home country - Mexico.  Life is a lot better when you have wonderful people around you :)
  2. I got to go to Austin to see Juanes live in concert at Austin City Limits Live TV and it was awesome!  I love that show and I hope to go to the festival some time in the future.  
  3. I was part of a happy event in a friends life.  Being a bridesmaid is always a lot of work, especially when you're the only one freaking out!  The bride was so blasé that I felt the need to stress for her!  No I kid, she was blasé but I tend to stress until after the event.  After the wedding I was so relaxed :)
  4. I got to go to Santa Fe, a place I have always wanted to visit.
  5. Work was extremely productive and I learned so much!  I have to say that work has ceased being a grindstone and I enjoy going in now.  I also haven't felt the itch to move on!  Usually a year in and I'm checking job sites.
  6. I have learned how to make delicious and simply gingerbread cookies.
  7. I had a wonderful birthday!
  8. I presented an awesome poster at a mini-conference.

There were things that weren't great also but I have to say that overall nothing was horrible.  I still have to work on my weight issues, on eating a healthier diet, and incorporating exercise; things that I need to think and act upon.  I have goals that I want to attain in the near future.  I know there will be things that I will need to plan out carefully and others that will come quickly but all in good time.  A toast to the old year, thanks for being kind, and to the new year lets hope you are a good one too!

26 December 2013

Feliz Christmas & Happy New Year!

A little late but I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I am spending some time with family and playing with the nephew.  He has enjoyed the attention he's been receiving, he even went to a holiday party with me and was the beau of the party. 

As for the new year that is upon us I hope you have had a wonderful (or at least a decent) year!

09 December 2013

Cold Piggies

What a month November was and this month is looking like it will be more of the same!  Last month it was a mixture of visiting family, lots of work, and helping a friend with her wedding.  I also hosted a bachelorette party.  Then I went home for Thanksgiving.  This past weekend I was part of a friends joyous event - a very beautiful and COLD wedding!

Weird pic huh?
The wedding was in Santa Fe, NM and it was cold!  I wore a short blue dress - also sleeveless - and sandals.  Suffice to say that I miraculously still have all of my piggies!  We even took photos in the snow.  Yeah.  It was cold.  I kid a lot about the weather, the short dress, and the bitterly cold weather but all in all it was a beautiful wedding and a very happy day for all involved.  Even if my piggies beg to differ.  No one has wanted to go to the market for a while now.

Life has been a little hectic since the last post but I think this weekend made up for the lack of personal life.  My friend and I were wondering what we're going to be doing with all this free time now that the wedding is done with.  I mean if I'm not making bridesmaids bouquets - what's the point!?  Oh yeah, I remember now, not making bouquets.  Now to ready my home for the holidays and some tamales!  I am so looking forward to Christmas!

I hope everyone out there in the blogosphere is doing well and has had a great last 2 months :)