09 December 2013

Cold Piggies

What a month November was and this month is looking like it will be more of the same!  Last month it was a mixture of visiting family, lots of work, and helping a friend with her wedding.  I also hosted a bachelorette party.  Then I went home for Thanksgiving.  This past weekend I was part of a friends joyous event - a very beautiful and COLD wedding!

Weird pic huh?
The wedding was in Santa Fe, NM and it was cold!  I wore a short blue dress - also sleeveless - and sandals.  Suffice to say that I miraculously still have all of my piggies!  We even took photos in the snow.  Yeah.  It was cold.  I kid a lot about the weather, the short dress, and the bitterly cold weather but all in all it was a beautiful wedding and a very happy day for all involved.  Even if my piggies beg to differ.  No one has wanted to go to the market for a while now.

Life has been a little hectic since the last post but I think this weekend made up for the lack of personal life.  My friend and I were wondering what we're going to be doing with all this free time now that the wedding is done with.  I mean if I'm not making bridesmaids bouquets - what's the point!?  Oh yeah, I remember now, not making bouquets.  Now to ready my home for the holidays and some tamales!  I am so looking forward to Christmas!

I hope everyone out there in the blogosphere is doing well and has had a great last 2 months :)


  1. That is sooooooooo creepy looking. LOL

    We about have the house decorated and most presents bought and wrapped.

    1. Yeah the picture creeped me out, yet hypnotized me too :D

      I'm behind on decorating this year because my sis wants me to wait so we can do it with the nephew.