10 February 2014

Grandma 2.0

It is so cold!  Of late all I have wanted is to go home, curl up under some blankets, and wait for summer to arrive, while drinking hot chocolate.  I know it doesn't compare to Canada or Russia but holy schei├če!  I read "The Book Thief" recently and I learned quite a few curse words in German.  Excellent book despite the cursing.  Back to my issues.  It is cold here!

First time she had puppies.
I also have some news.  My dog, who is almost 11 years old, is preggers.  Yes.  You see, when she moved here I hadn't had her fixed, then she had puppies about 6 or 5 years ago and following that she developed Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia.  Due to the latter I decided against having her spayed because it might bring the AIHA back but I figured if I kept her in the house and didn't leave her within easy reach of non-neutered male dogs, we would be OK.  Turns out that while visiting my parents for Thanksgiving a non-neutered male dog got into my parents yard and impregnated my 10 year old dog.  We were there for a whole week so it could have happened at any point in time.  She had started getting fatter but last week she just blew up, I was mentally preparing myself to take her into the vet and hear the inevitable line, "It's time to consider euthanasia."  However, I decided on one last trip to the parents to say goodbye and then upon my return take her in because I thought it was the end.  Turns out it's just another beginning.  The minute my Mom saw her, she said, "Mija, this dog is fat."  That was translated from Spanish.

Mija = Sweetie

fat = preggers

It just never crossed my mind that she might be pregnant!  Dying?  Yes.  Pregnant?  NEVER! With all of the health issues she's had, I thought I was going to have to wrap my mind around her passing away, not giving birth!  To say I am stunned is quite the understatement.  I just don't know what she was thinking, getting pregnant at her age. The puppies haven't arrived but they should be here this weekend or next.  Well, that being said, anyone want a puppy?  Or two?