14 January 2015

2015 - Year of Action!

I have been thinking about what I want for this new year but I have to say it's been a difficult one to pinpoint. Last year all I wanted was an easy year, no big scary changes or major events, I did well in that regard. I coasted and it was nice to not have any drama or any conflicts. I wasn't sued, I didn't have any major conflicts, or bad things happen at the house. The air conditioner is doing rather well and the furnace is holding up, the boiler is also doing well. It was a bland year no doubt about it, by no means a bad thing but I'm ready for a little excitement! OK so I had gone through my goals from last year and I got some of them done and others I didn't even start (sadly). For example I had decided to  keep track of all expenses and watch my budget more carefully but I did not. Ask me what I did the first week of the year - I downloaded an app that allows me to maintain an accurate record of my expenses and income! Hooray! Not within the 2014 time frame but better late than never, I really like it too. Simple to use and I like the way it graphs my info - the nerd in me.  Now for 2015!

The first 2 weeks were a little hectic and I was thinking about what I wanted to accomplish this year. You see I figured I wouldn't worry about this year until it actually started because lets be honest I had other things to do prior to new years. This year is going to be an ambitious year, a year of - dare I say it? - more. Yes, more action. Yes, more fear. Yes, definitely more excitement. Not drama. Not cowardice. Not negativity. As much good stuff as I can muster. So here's the lowdown:

  1. I'm sticking to the being nicer to me thing. I was pretty good about not comparing myself to others but now I want to be kinder to myself. Just building on last years momentum. You know we can be so critical of ourselves and it happens a lot. You don't mean to but somehow or other you use mean words against yourself. "Oh that was so dumb of you, you're so stupid", would you ever say that to someone else? Have you said it to yourself? Yeah. I thought so, we all do that and I want to halt my thoughts. 
  2. I will be learning piano! I read an article where a little boy learned just by watching youtube videos. If an 8 year old boy can do it, I can too. I will dedicate 1 hour every Sunday to a video. I will dedicate 30 minutes every other day afterwards to practicing. Of course, exceptions will be made for travel, work, or illness. That's the plan because just saying isn't the same as planning and acting. 
  3. I will be finishing the garden plans I had last  year that I only got started because I decided to be a volunteer. I don't think I'll be volunteering for a while after that but I definitely want to finish my garden. How? Well, this month I will finish the design and the list of plants that I want and what type of garden, details to come at a later date on that. In February, I will start collecting the plants and starting indoor seeds. Come March and April, plants will start to move outside and hopefully more definition will be added to my yard. 
  4. I plan on finishing all the levels on my Duolingo for Italian and hopefully improving my French accent. Everytime I do the French lessons the program doesn't understand my accent. Thus 15 minutes every day will be dedicated to learning a language, instead of candy crush.
  5. I will continue the early morning exercise. Next after that I will improve my diet. I eat a lot of fast food, I want to limit or eliminate - preferably eliminate - consumption. I know that just getting rid of the processed foods from restaurants I can lose weight, I've done it before. This time lets hope I can stick to the plan of not going back to tons of fast food. 
  6. I will definitely make my own Christmas presents this year. I have decided that I will make a list of all giftees by February. Projects will be determined by April the latest. May will bring the purchase of materials and the start of all projects. Thus by Christmas I will have finished all of my gifts. I have decided that I will not do this every year, I will do it every few years or every other year. 
  7. Now the best for last!!!! You see I have always wanted a tattoo. This year I will get one! I have found the parlor, now I just need to contact the tattoo artist and discuss the design. I am so excited about this last one! Hopefully I will have pictures of this soon.

There it is. My 2015 in a nutshell. Sort of. I am excited about this year and I hope that it brings a bunch of great events and experiences. I hope your 2015 is filled with amazing events! A year of action, a year of more. More means action to me, so lets get this going!