25 January 2013


Wow!  What a great start to this year!  Usually at the end of a year I do a recap of the good and the bad but as last year had a slightly bitter taste to it, I'm just moving forward.  One note about last year, it had its haters in it but at the end of the day all they did for me was make sure that I was grateful for every wonderful person in my life.  Take that and suck on it :)

This year was started with family, remembering funny things we did together, and just laughing.  I came back to work and as one of my friends would say hit the ground running. Yeah life is good and I'm not going to question the great things or great people in my life.  With that in mind I am continuing my 101 in 1001, I still have a few months to work on it and I know that there are several things I can accomplish in that time.  I may not be able to read ~200 books but I'll read at least 1% surely!?   ;)

Goals such a lovely concept but sometimes the bane of my life!

Observation of the week:  If you're an atheist there is no such thing as good or bad luck, life is just what it is a series of experiences.  Not ragging on atheists, I tend to lean that way sometimes but on those days there's nothing but whats there - no good or bad, just life.

13 January 2013

New Leases

How to begin this first post?  Well as we all know MySpace is a dead medium that I used to blog in, write short posts about near-death experiences or political rants or just rants.  However, I heard from a younger source that FB is also about to die and that the next big thing is Instagram, as I have never claimed to be technologically literate I will not be joining that for a while yet.  Thus I will continue on Blogger for as long as possible before I consider tweeting or instagramming (?).  In the dark recesses of my mind I hear a little voice say that "instagramming" is correct.  I dare you to tell me why it is not correct.  No really because it just seems crazy to type it that way.

I did have a previous blog but that has been shut down and I will start from zero - again.  Attempting once more to figure out what type of writer I am, if I am a writer, or just a ranter.  Lets hope its the former and not the latter!

Here are the details...

I'm still in Lubbock, still working in science-related matters, still attempting to lose the Lubbock 15 (not an easy feat and not 15), and still dreaming of being a super-spy with a shy, nerdy alter-ego (the science-related work) but still only doing the science-related work.  This blog I hope will keep most of you updated on the exciting life I lead of protein crystallization and amateur gardening/photography/knitting/painting/drawing/writing.

I also promise to not use any full names in my posts especially without your written permission but first initials are fair game.  Events can and will be modified to protect others.  And please do not include names of children or any minors (<18) in comments or your rants in the comments section.  Believe me the protection of children of family and friends is always more important than any thing I may have to say or you have to say to me.

Hmmm....so far not so funny.  It'll get better.  It always does...