25 January 2013


Wow!  What a great start to this year!  Usually at the end of a year I do a recap of the good and the bad but as last year had a slightly bitter taste to it, I'm just moving forward.  One note about last year, it had its haters in it but at the end of the day all they did for me was make sure that I was grateful for every wonderful person in my life.  Take that and suck on it :)

This year was started with family, remembering funny things we did together, and just laughing.  I came back to work and as one of my friends would say hit the ground running. Yeah life is good and I'm not going to question the great things or great people in my life.  With that in mind I am continuing my 101 in 1001, I still have a few months to work on it and I know that there are several things I can accomplish in that time.  I may not be able to read ~200 books but I'll read at least 1% surely!?   ;)

Goals such a lovely concept but sometimes the bane of my life!

Observation of the week:  If you're an atheist there is no such thing as good or bad luck, life is just what it is a series of experiences.  Not ragging on atheists, I tend to lean that way sometimes but on those days there's nothing but whats there - no good or bad, just life.


  1. 2012 left a bitter taste in my life as well. I'm moving forward and trying not to allow myself to struggle through the winter months - it's been a tough go so far, but life could always be worse.

  2. Sorry it took me so long to get here! Computer issues...but all fixed now! However, switched BACK to a Mac and am in the process of RElearning. Fun, however sometimes just a little frustrating. You know, simple things like the sleekness of the mouse gets me on the right click and scroll. Go figure. :)

    Thanks for the invite! Totally understand and agree with the leaving behind and just moving forward. Good for you! And happy belated New Year!!!!