27 March 2015

#HomeOwner Problems

So many pinterest crafts to do and so little life to do them all. Sigh. I was scrolling through my craft board last night on Pinterest. I am so over my head on that list! I think I need a pintervention at this point. Well speaking of pinterest, I have completely removed the branches from my front yard but there is one little problem with that. I have a huge tree trunk and I refuse to pay to dispose of it, I'm trying to convince my brother in law that if we slice it in half and let it fall where it may we can turn it into a planter but he remains circumspect. I know it's very scrooge of me but I have great difficulty separating from my money for things I find superfluous. Like gym clothes. I buy clothes to specifically sweat in them and not be able to wear them anywhere else. Does anyone else find that a superfluous purchase? Anyway, that is not the point, point is that I really don't want to have to pay for removal of the trunk but I guess I will eventually cave.

Add 2 augurs, another plunger, and bottles of acid.
Something you do need to pay for - plumbing issues. Monday I caved and finally called the plumber. Oh yeah, my bathtub had a clog; just the tub. I have 2 augurs, I used both but to no avail. I tried the vinegar & baking soda trick that has worked before - nothing. I even tried chemicals, something I don't like and still nothing. I even tried to vacuum it out but nope. The guy came out on Wednesday (good thing I have a second bath) and couldn't remove the item clogging the tub so he pushed it through the main line. Hopefully I no longer have issues with that tub because I hated paying the $95.

16 March 2015

Throwing Shade

Front yard
Well hello there! Look at this! I have chopped down (aka killed) 3 trees! Well not by myself but this still happened. All three trees were mulberry trees and yes they deserved this. You see their roots are very invasive my driveway is all cracked, along with sidewalks. The 2 trees in the back have already given me problems with my plumbing. Therefore, they joined the fishies. Metaphorically. This actually happened 2 weeks ago but I had forgotten to share. Cutting these down was also about my redoing the landscaping at my home because all the shade did not permit anything to grow under the shade. Talk about throwing shade. I am still trying to get rid of all this stuff, so far I have 1/4 of it cleaned up. Although I'll take any suggestions on how to get rid of that huge trunk you can see on the right hand side there. I have no idea how to hollow it out and I find it very irritating to have to pay to have it picked up. Thankfully some people were very interested in some of the larger logs and have picked them up themselves. Yay for people who like free firewood. I would actually keep some of it but my father spent a whole day telling me how bad this wood was for chimneys. I really don't want to deal with visits that involve him moaning about how I'm going to burn down my house with that wood. Who knows perhaps he's right and fireguards don't work and I will burn down my house. 

Back yard

This weekend I spent some time picking up branches and throwing them in the dumpster because I no longer had access to a truck. At times like this I really wish I had a truck. I also wish we had better city employees. There is a service center close to my home and the attendant is a real jack-ass. According to him I can only use the center 4X per year and that the rules were clearly stated online. I checked, that's a lie. I'm not quite sure why he lied to me but I thought it was very rude. I have a very suspicious mind and the only other thing that comes to mind is that he was helping out a business friend and didn't want me to fill up the extra-large bin. Seriously, even with all the branches you see there in the second picture it really isn't that much, they're just not placed correctly. Due to my center limitations I still have 3 piles in the front yard and all the stuff in the back yard :(

10 March 2015

Holding Hands

Recently I had a conversation with someone regarding lies. Everybody lies, at least a little. I'm not talking about huge whoppers such as "I am not married! I swear!", as they try to hide their wedding band tan lines or lying about your name because you don't want to give that annoying guy your real name, who knows he may be a stalker. I'm talking about little lies like, yeah I like sushi or yes I think that sweater is nice. Sometimes it's in order to be nice and not hurt someones feelings, other times it's because we want something in common with the other person. Usually this happens when you meet someone you would like to date and those lies usually involve saying you like sports or camping.

Age difference not this big :)
Back to the conversation. I have recently explored online dating and I met someone, rather quickly may I add. I was pleasantly surprised at first and then later disappointed. It was an interesting interaction and in the end a bust but lets talk about the inbetween. I noticed that he was younger than me, but I thought what the hell I haven't found someone my age so why not. The why not lasted 3 weeks, almost 4 weeks and I was surprised it lasted that long. The more I talked to this person, the more I realized that we were so not on the same page! Now what of the lies? Well, he omitted a very important detail I thought. Turns out he was much younger than he had posted on his profile and although  I wasn't particularly angry, I felt it merited an apology. Other than the fact that I have no desire to live through that phase of my younger years again with him, it was a lie. His defense? I didn't ask, oh, it wasn't a lie he just omitted the info. In my experience it's called a lie of omission. He was also pushing for shared living quarters and after 3 weeks that was not going to be on the table. Period. I decided and my answer was no, that no effectively ended things.

I also realized that I <3 me very much, I'm no longer looking to please men/potential partners. I'm checking to see if you please me, perhaps that's an age thing. The reality of it is that I hadn't realized how sure I am of myself until I dated a younger guy! I'm not saying I want someone who is perfect in every way, just someone who has balance in good and bad. Your laugh or the warmth of your hug will outweigh the fact that you love pickled onions or pickled garlic or that you are more conservative/liberal than I am. There is a balance that I want in a relationship that I knew was not going to be had with this younger guy.

Having said all of that, would I date a younger guy again? Yes. Not that young but yes. Age is a number, a lot of living can be packed into a few years and very little living can be packed into many years. The age differences aside (significant) what's your take on lies of omission? What constitutes a lie of omission? Perhaps to someone else the omission wasn't too bad but to me that omission made me question whether there were other "omissions" that would later come to light; seemed like a bad start to... anything.