16 March 2015

Throwing Shade

Front yard
Well hello there! Look at this! I have chopped down (aka killed) 3 trees! Well not by myself but this still happened. All three trees were mulberry trees and yes they deserved this. You see their roots are very invasive my driveway is all cracked, along with sidewalks. The 2 trees in the back have already given me problems with my plumbing. Therefore, they joined the fishies. Metaphorically. This actually happened 2 weeks ago but I had forgotten to share. Cutting these down was also about my redoing the landscaping at my home because all the shade did not permit anything to grow under the shade. Talk about throwing shade. I am still trying to get rid of all this stuff, so far I have 1/4 of it cleaned up. Although I'll take any suggestions on how to get rid of that huge trunk you can see on the right hand side there. I have no idea how to hollow it out and I find it very irritating to have to pay to have it picked up. Thankfully some people were very interested in some of the larger logs and have picked them up themselves. Yay for people who like free firewood. I would actually keep some of it but my father spent a whole day telling me how bad this wood was for chimneys. I really don't want to deal with visits that involve him moaning about how I'm going to burn down my house with that wood. Who knows perhaps he's right and fireguards don't work and I will burn down my house. 

Back yard

This weekend I spent some time picking up branches and throwing them in the dumpster because I no longer had access to a truck. At times like this I really wish I had a truck. I also wish we had better city employees. There is a service center close to my home and the attendant is a real jack-ass. According to him I can only use the center 4X per year and that the rules were clearly stated online. I checked, that's a lie. I'm not quite sure why he lied to me but I thought it was very rude. I have a very suspicious mind and the only other thing that comes to mind is that he was helping out a business friend and didn't want me to fill up the extra-large bin. Seriously, even with all the branches you see there in the second picture it really isn't that much, they're just not placed correctly. Due to my center limitations I still have 3 piles in the front yard and all the stuff in the back yard :(


  1. Wow! Removing those trees has made your yard look huge! Have you thought about renting a wood chipper? At least then you could use the mulch in your garden.

    1. I did think about doing that but we figured there would be so much mulch I wouldn't be able to use it all. I may still do that because I haven't even begun to make a dent in the back yard. And yes that yard looks huge without those trees! Downside you can also see my trim that is in desperate need of new paint.

  2. I hate cutting trees just because I hate getting rid of it. I have a decent size trailer and access to a truck but it is still a pain. We hauled a load yesterday to the dump. Cant be more than 4 foot long, cant be more than 4 inches diameter. I have an old oak in the back that tried to kill me that I just let larger logs that no one wanted lay and rot away. It has and will be a while.

    I have lots of shade. Tree shade aint as bad for the lawn as the roots sucking all the nutrients out of the ground. Regardless the cure is the same for both.

    Good Luck.

    1. Thanks :)

      After my experience with cutting down all those trees, I am not a huge fan of doing that again.

      I still have so much stuff to get rid of, a bit overwhelming. Hopefully now my plants and grass will be much fuller.