09 September 2013

Disturbing Bears

I have been a negligent creator.  Of my blog.  No worries, haven't created new life-forms in the lab.  My efforts have been thwarted once more by the dreaded Dr. Procrastination.  Damn you Procrastination!

Theyskens' Theory Spring 2014

Alright I kid.  Life has been pretty boring lately.  Just sitting here thinking about the future, feeling a little anxious, and wondering why designers design for women with a cup size -A and 00 waist.  I do not know a single woman who does not have breasts or a waist or hips.  If I wore some of those dresses, talk about side boob.  Let's not even delve into whether my arse would actually fit into runway clothing.  However, I'm not quite sure why I even think about these things because I could never afford any of that clothing.  A single accessory that's showcased during fashion week is enough to cover my monthly expenses for 2 months! I exaggerate a bit but not by much. Subject change.

I am still disturbed by bears who do not wear clothing but wipe their bum's with soft toilet paper.  Seriously, how clean do you think that fur gets?

Signing off for now.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and hope you have a great week!