02 December 2014

Control Enthusiasts Unite!!

Well hello everyone, hope everyone had a good holiday here in the USA. Also any expats reading this.

I had a decent holiday. We didn't get around to the gingerbread house - sad I know - but I think I overestimate how many hours there are in a day.Thursday was busy, cooking and cleaning and cooking some more. We did make cookies but I think mostly because my nephew was extremely excited about helping make the cookies. His favorite thing was to cut out the shapes, each time he cut one he would run and tell Mama that he made x shape. Cookies were good. Turkey was good. The biscuits could have been better, messed them up a little. I know my dad was not too impressed, mostly because I think he wanted yeast rolls, not biscuits. Next time I'm home I'll make some yeast rolls for them. Otherwise, uneventful and just nice. I think we all needed a holiday of just nice. So calm and relaxing.

Actually...TOO RELAXING! Oh my gosh! I never realized that I do not know how to relax! I felt without purpose, no direction, and absolutely nothing to do!!!! I know we cooked, we cleaned up, we made cookies but my days usually incorporate so much more! I was in New Mexico, Carlsbad to be specific and there is literally nothing to do there - for me. There are a few shops but mostly everything that you could entertain yourself requires lots of outdoor activity. Quite honestly my family is not a great outdoors type of family. My little sister went hiking with a local friend of hers but I didn't feel like being a third wheel. Besides I'm used to doing the planning, not having things planned for me. Talk about control enthusiast. Perhaps a better goal for next year will be to learn to relax.

Well I'm back at work and very happy with that because what I had completed last week - before the holiday - was very successful! Very happy about that. Dare I say that I even had a bit of bounce in my step when I came back? Well I did and yes I may have done a happy dance. That said, I can't believe we are almost at the end of another year! Oh My! (Credit to G. Takei)

I looked up images for control enthusiast, no bueno. 0_0
Apparently it's a BDSM thing and that is not what I meant!


  1. I suck at relaxing. I take days off work to work.
    I look forward to Mondays.
    Somebody's gotta do it.