12 December 2014

Thank You Notes

Things to be grateful for in the year 2014? I don't know about you but I've had to think hard about this one, not because it was a bad year. I feel there weren't major life altering events that changed any paradigms. It was more a lot of little things that made this a really good year. I had some goals for this year and I have worked on them even if I haven't finished  to my extremely high expectations of perfection or they are still in progress.

As for the things I'm grateful for, well let's see:

  • I am glad that I decided to volunteer with the political campaign for Wendy Davis. Although she didn't win - I was very sad about that - I do feel like I made a difference. I may not have liked how they handled the volunteer portion but I may do it again. I think next time I just won't try to dedicate so much time and make sure that I have the time and energy for activities. 
  • I am grateful for the time I spent with family this year because a lot of issues were laid to rest. No family is perfect but being able to talk about issues is important. 
  • I am so happy that I have kept the whole gym thing going! I won't lie there have been days where I just wanted to lay in bed and there were days I did just that but overall I have been pretty good about going! I am very happy and proud of myself. 
  • I am grateful for all of the new friends I have made!
  • I learned quite a bit at work this year and made quite a large amount of progress in my projects. Having these experiences has been wonderful, especially the trip to San Francisco.
  • There's another thing I am really grateful for! I got to travel to San Francisco and had a great time with my friends in the city and at the conference.
  • I am so thankful for all of the great moments I spent with friends and family!
  • I am thankful for all of the little things that made this year so great. 
  • I am even thankful for the bad things, there are a few things that I can honestly say have made me a better person this year.The ticket I got did not make me a better person, just an angry person.
Next comes a comprehensive and deep analysis of my future, loosely translates to bemoaning things not accomplished and what I want to accomplish next year. Lets see how exciting the next year is!


  1. Looks like you had a very nice year.
    Tickets are frustrating. hopefully it wernt a bad one.

    1. It was a nice year, I hope you had a good one too :)

      I know they say they don't have quotas but when it's the end of the month and there are 5 police bikes lined up pulling people over one after the other, I think they may be meeting quotas.

    2. If you look closely you may have seen a chalk board filling up.
      They do have quotas. Their budget is set with that as part of the income. Especially small towns and counties.

    3. See I knew it!!! Recently they had an interview with cop on the radio and he was telling them that's just a myth!