28 August 2013


I have a secret.  Not a very exciting.  I am getting old.  I try and ignore it but I am.  I have a question regarding aging.  Is insomnia a side-effect of aging?  It has to be because I cannot sleep at all lately.  Last year I couldn't get enough sleep, this year I can't sleep.  Nothing to keep me awake, I was just awake.  Oh well, hopefully today I'll be able to sleep.

Otherwise, life is good.  No complaints.  Nothing exciting but nothing horrible either, kind of in limbo right now. If my brain were working perhaps I'd have a funny story to tell or at least a weird one to tell but nothing.  I mean Miley twerked, Assad used chemical weapons on the citizens of Syria, and hundreds of babies have been born in the past 24 hours but other than that a pretty boring life.  On those topics here's my take:
  1. The UN needs to pull it's shit together.  This is not an issue that only the US should worry about, everyone needs to step it up.  When we watch silently as other's are killed in the name of money and power, we are just as guilty of those deaths.
  2. Yes Miley, you are legally an adult.  Now we wait for your brain to catch up.  And no that's not feminism, so thanks for setting your generation of women back several decades.
  3. Welcome all you new babies!  Enjoy what we have left you!  Sorry about the mess.
This has been brought to you by insomnia, proud sponsor of late night infomercials.


  1. I hate it when I cant sleep. I lay there thinking I gotta go to sleep cause I gotta work in the morning and it compounds the stress.

    The daughter showed me the Miley video. Like it or not she just moved the line of exceptable TV.

    1. Well sleep caught up with me last night so I'm awake today :)