21 August 2013

Midnight Vacuum Sessions

Well hello people :)

As you may have noticed the whole thing around here has shifted.  I really was trying to find a totally cool, unique, pretty, captivating, enticing, etc.  blog template but you know what?  I don't have time to reinvent the wheel or rediscover fire.  I'm busy.  Instead I have chosen something that looks a little like me.  No I do not look like a wine glass but on any given weekend I may contain the same contents as a wine glass.  Fitting.  I have also been obsessed with the color orange for some time, thus orange.  You may be wondering about the new title, let me enlighten you.  While browsing pinterest on one of the few days I have time for that (stop rolling your eyes) I came upon a pin which defined Saudade.  I didn't believe it so I looked it up and turns out I like the definition Wikipedia used.  It is Portuguese, has no literal translation because it conveys an emotion.  You know there are words or phrases in any language which convey a wealth of information and emotion but it just can't be translated into another language.  It's something you have to understand and feel deep inside.  Well this roughly means a memory of a past experience, a past love, or just the past  It doesn't have to be sad but it is a way of reliving those wonderful moments.  I guess a blog to me means that, you recount the past if you haven't written for a while (me) or also imagining the feelings of the future and what that can mean to you.  The point being that I loved it and felt it captured something I've been thinking/feeling about writing.

Now let me do some recounting.

Vacuum Lady/MotherI haven't done much personally but I seem to still be busy.  I had a guest over the summer (they weren't allowed to use my tupperware because of crazy lawsuit last year) and he left the second week of August.  Actually for the week following his departure I did all the things I couldn't do while he was there.  I danced like a crazy person in my jammies while listening to deafening music.  I may or may not have walked around in my undies.  I definitely ate more junk food, the waist don't lie.  I slept in.  I went to bed late.  The TV was on way too loud the whole time and I didn't wash my dishes.  Then this weekend I cleaned up and this week have stopped eating crap food.  You know the roomie was nice, didn't complain about anything, but as he was considerate, I think it only fair I be considerate of him.  So that meant none of the above.  Yup, no midnight vacuuming in pj's.  (Don't pretend you've never vacuumed at midnight, I know you have.)

Other than that, works been rather busy and I guess I just didn't have time or energy to write.  Oh yeah, also the fact that my computer takes too long to boot up so I just browse the internet on my Kindle.  As the Kindle doesn't have a keyboard, I don't write at home very much.  Yes it has ruined me.


  1. I may have vacuumed at midnite on the odd occasion.

    My house is full of folk, I am looking for the day when I can walk around in my undies.

    1. I know what you mean, people can be so judgemental when you do that and you have guests. :)

  2. Ahhh, to walk around in my undies again....maybe once The Boy heads off to school in a couple of weeks.