23 August 2013

Sauna Images

East end: The campaign has been designed to have an east London feel, which Beckham says takes him back to his roots

David Beckham has just done a modelling stint for H&M.  It's pretty awesome.  There were pictures of him with a little bit more clothing on him but I felt that would be an injustice to everyone.

He looks so upset doesn't he or maybe sultry?  I've always wondered whether models feel silly after posing for these type of images.  Maybe he's upset that someone is in his non-steamy sauna because obviously he didn't have enough time to make it steamy with his piercing gaze.  I would not be able to stop giggling if someone was saying, "Give me sexy!  Yes angry hot face!".  Can you just imagine it?  I have enough trouble smiling without smirking or looking like Quasimodo in pictures.  Good thing that Beckham can take a picture without looking like Quasimodo :)