11 March 2013

A Flawed Happy

Some days you wake up and you say damn I look good!  Other days it's just a meh day.  I've been having more good days than meh days because I have been just feeling really great.  I feel that I have removed a lot of the negativity from last year and am finally moving on, although I hate that term.

Moving on.

What does it really mean?  Last year I didn't think I could and although the past sometimes likes to visit my present, I do my best to put it back where it belongs - in the past.  I will admit I have difficulty letting go of things, I tend to mull them over until they're worn out.  You spend - I spend - hours devoted to thinking what I could have done differently or what I should have said but in the end what is done is done.  Now I spend less time thinking about that but sometimes you still want to wallow in the past.  Last month I wallowed a bit or while, this month so far has been less wallowing and more living the moment.  I'm happy.  Scary to say that but it's TRUE!  No I am not seeing any one new or have found my soul mate, though I would like to do those 2 things.  No lottery win.  Just good times with great people and beautiful days in a pretty good world. Is everything perfect?  No!  Do I want it to be?  NO!  I will take my flawed life, flawed nature, and the flawed people in my life over all of the perfectly planned lives of others, any day.

Yeah it's been a good year so far...how about you?  I truly hope so :)

As of right now this is one of those songs I want to sing at the top of my lungs because I feel so great!  ENJOY!!


  1. I cant ever remember looking in the mirrored thinking Dang I look good. Maybe I looked better than death or better than yesterday. LOL