28 February 2013

Creatively Frozen

On Monday, we had a "blizzard" in Lubbock.  Work was closed due to driving conditions being dangerous, which for our drivers they were, and the next day work began at 10h30.  Now for the past 3 hours I have been trying to post a picture from that day but for some reason my phone will not post.  Instead I will be sharing a link with you to show the depth of our pain (advance apologies to Canadian readers or NE/NW readers):

Please excuse the language but it was the better choice visually.

This was towards the NW (likely) due to the amount of snow and open space.  It did not stop snowing until about 13h00 and it was pretty nasty out.  It was the powdery kind of snow that blows up in your face with a slight breeze - unfortunately for us it was almost gale force winds.  OK it was only ~35mph winds but give us some slack we aren't used to this type of weather; especially as on Sunday we had 70F day.  Yes, you read that correctly we had 70F weather the day before a blizzard.  Visibility was not "great" and it was just plain icy outside.  Needless to say I enjoyed our 3 day weekend :)

Speaking of weekend, this past weekend was pretty fun.  Saturday I went to a jazz concert and had wonderful weather all day.  Sunday I had lunch with several friends at a local Indian place and the weather was wonderful.  I also watched the Oscars and I have to say Mr. McFarlane, as cute as you are - poor show.  I want to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence after watching that show.  Then Monday - BAM!  BLIZZARD!  As I spent a few hours, both on Saturday and Sunday, in the lab I didn't mind the snow day but I had cabin fever by the end of the day.  Yeah I could never live up north.  There you have it, blizzard, awesome weather, and the Oscars sum up a decent weekend.


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    1. Yeah it was pretty crazy, especially considering the great weather we had the day before! TX. What can ya do? We crazy like that ;)