15 February 2013

Panem 'Stache

Happy Post-Valentine's Day!  I think there should be a post-Valentine day celebration for those of us who are not part of the happy couples or are just tired of being bombarded with marketed love.

Mustache PartySpeaking of love and fake love, right now I real-love the Hunger Games trilogy!  I am obsessed and cannot wait for the next movie.  I saw the first movie and then I decided to read the books.  I couldn't put them down!!!!  I've read all three and no spoilers because they were wonderful.  I rarely read fiction but these just grabbed me and wouldn't let go.  My favorite part?  Apparently female hair is not frowned upon and having hair on our legs (I'm assuming our armpits too) is no longer unseemly.   WHAT!?!?!  No more shaving or ripping hair out?  Sign me up!  Well not for the starving or sending children to die but the hair thing sounds good to me.  'Stache you have been redeemed and we may be moving to Panem!  Hoorah for facial hair staying where it is and leg hair being normal again!  

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I thought the hair on the legs was only out in the districts. Didnt they pretty much smooth her up when she went Downtown?

    I read all three books before I saw the movie. Well listened to then in the car. Cant wait till the next movie either. SHouldnt be long.

  2. Yeah you're right it was in the other districts but I'll stick with the other districts when it comes to bodily hair :)