28 March 2016

Belated Grateful Friday!

Another late Grateful Friday but I had a lot to be grateful for last week so I'm going to go ahead and write it out!

  • I am currently looking for better opportunities and growth in my life. I took 2 major steps towards that last week and it was great. 
  • I got up each day with hope or at least I worked my way there.
  • My parents came to visit and it was a great weekend for all! Including my little sis! We had fun and good food.
  • My flowers are blooming, not everything but some of them, including the tulips! I didn't even think they were still alive but apparently some are still buried down there. 
  • I had a demonstration of a machine called Evapor at the house and they got some ketchup out of my bedroom carpet and an old paint stain. I was impressed by the machine but not enough to fork out $3000 but I still got a free carpet cleaning for my bedroom.  :D
I don't remember all the details from last week but it was a better week. I felt less stressed and more hopeful than I have in a long time. Life is definitely not perfect and some days are rather difficult but at least things are looking up for me. There are a lot of changes going on with me right now but I don't feel at liberty to discuss them right now but be assured that I will most definitely be discussing them soon! At least I hope so.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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