08 February 2016

Coffee and Thoughts

Well I'm still working on me and working at work and things seem to be better of late. At least I feel less stressed. I have also been better about going to bed at a decent hour, that's really helped with my energy levels. Coffee has gone back to the acquired taste that it is, instead of being the only reason my eyes were open.  Now I'm not saying my life is perfect, just better. Especially because I've been working on the whole letting go of things and not obsessing on that which is not in my control.  Life has a way of making you learn that lesson whether you want to or not, it's taking me way too long. I feel confident that I am making headway in my approach to mindfulness.

Relative to this I recently read an article that sort of fit into my look into my past for this year. It discussed the fact that only living in the moment negates who we were or could be because we look neither forward nor backward.  The present is great but it could never be what it is without our past, I like the idea. You can find the article here.

As for the present and the future, this is what I need to do! I still want to learn how to play the piano and I think learning how to read music would be the first step.

Well I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

How to Read Music
A 5-minute starter course on reading music:
Posted by TED-Ed on Saturday, January 30, 2016

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