15 July 2014

Jaw Dropping

Good day everyone! I have been MIA due to many things, mostly due to the World Cup, it was fun but I lost $10.  Seriously we dedicated way too much time to watching the games at work. It was kind of funny and I am super thankful that I have a boss who also dedicated the same amount of time! It was an exciting Cup, with tons of upsets and surprises, can't wait until 2018! Apparently Russia is suspending the visa requirements to enter the country for the next Cup! How security will be handled is another matter.

I have recently discovered that my brain operates at a higher level whenever I exercise in the mornings. Yes I have been going to the gym at 630 in the mornings! Did your jaw just hit the floor? I know. If you had told me this 1 1/2 months ago, my jaw would have hit the floor too. However, I have a workout buddy from my lab and that makes all the difference. We push each other to go and workout, we also signed up for a Spinning class at 630, once a week. I paid $15 for it, damn straight I'll get my tuchus there! It has made a huge difference in my health. I feel lighter, more flexible, energized, I sleep better - simply put I feel better. I haven't seen a huge shift on the scale, no lies only 4 lbs lost so far. However, I have lost inches and my clothing fits differently. I will try to not obsess about the number but I know I will, I had to limit myself to only weighing myself 1X/week. I've been pretty good about it but I still worry about the number. I suppose I should focus on being fit but the number is what I think about. 

My brain not only operates at a higher level but I think of funnier things to post but then I forget them after I work out! Perhaps I am not operating at a higher level, I just dream I am because I'm really still asleep. I was walking up the stairs this morning to the machines I use at the gym and had the funniest thought but then I tripped and I completely forgot the funny thought. Not face planting took priority over my comedic skills. 

As for the volunteering, it's going. I think I may not be as generous as originally thought. Might be a bit of a miser. I will not quit but I have lost my enthusiasm. 

Well I hope everyone has a great week, failing that - a decent week.


  1. I used to work out. Now I just work. I need to get back at it. Good for you tho. My wife is counting calories and walking and going to Zumba. She has lost inches but she has been staring too much at the lbs.

    She gets grumpy when she misses her walks.

    1. You get used to the exercise, I find it very strange. As for the lbs, it's hard not to stare :)