16 July 2014

Girasoles and Half-Year Recaps

Well we have passed the half-year mark and I'm wondering where the time has gone! I spent most of February sick so that wasn't awesome. I spent March & April limping. I'm not sure what happened in May, seriously I lost a whole month! I think I limped part of that month too. I think we need to recap and regroup for this year.

Things I have accomplished thus far in 2014:
Sunflower from my garden :)
  • I joined the gym after all! I joined in April but didn't actually go until June. Yeah paid for 2 months I did not use but I blame it on the plantar fasciitis. Good progress made there (see Jaw Dropping).
  • I've made progress in my gardening but I definitely didn't do the veggies or fruit; just not enough time.
  • I have purged material things from my life but I have not simplified as I wanted to. I think I complicated instead. I volunteered for a political campaign and turns out I don't like volunteering. I really wish I did but I don't. Perhaps that type of volunteering is just not for me, perhaps food banks? I like food.
  • I have watched less TV because I'm so busy but I have to admit there are days that I just go home and veg out in front of the TV, I do absolutely nothing and binge watch. This happens less and less but it still happens. Must work on this.
  • I haven't tried that many vegetarian/vegan recipes but I have kept up with the 1/month. Perhaps that's why I haven't seen a dramatic dip in the weight - I'm still eating fast food.
Things I still have to accomplish - many. If I enumerate I might quit. Life has been good this year, new babies and new friends. Perhaps I'm not the jet-setting photojournalist I once thought I could be - motion sickness prohibits this - but life is pretty good over all. There are so many things to be grateful for, so much that makes me happy! OK. Today. Today is a happy day, I don't know why but it is. There shouldn't have to be a reason, lets just be happy.


  1. Time does pass by quicker and quicker as you get older. It's good and bad.
    I picked about 20 bright red tomatoes from the garden yesterday along with 4 nice cucumbers. I get as much joy from picking as I do eating. Not so if you are doing green beans. Picking and popping are a pain.
    I will have a new baby in August. My daughter is expecting a girl. My first grandbaby.
    Your sunflower is gorgeous.

    1. Congratulations! She will be so spoiled! That's a good thing :)

      A little jealous of your garden, mainly because it sounds so yummy.

    2. Fresh Squash cassarole and sliced cucumbers for dinner. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMm

    3. Yum! Now you're just showing off ;)