16 April 2014

Climbing Over the Block

Many things in this world give me joy, many things annoy me, I think we're pretty balanced between those two.  

Things that give me joy?

  1. Rain!  I love the smell that bacteria produce when it rains. Yes, turns out that the lovely smell we associate with wet earth is from a bacterium - Actinomycetes. The difference between watering and rain causing the smell is that when we water by hand the water doesn't hit the ground with the same force as that of rain. The rain hits the ground so hard it causes the spores of this bacterium to rise in the air and we breathe it in thinking, "Oh isn't that a lovely smell." Still love rain.
  2. Marshmallow's shenanigans. Recently we visited my parents and she got her head stuck in the fence but didn't cry out, no we found her that way. Who knows how long she had been like that. It was a little sad to see her head stuck but also funny. I don't think she enjoys being laughed at :)
  3. The nephew. Always a load of fun. He is turning 4 years old and the child looks like a 6 year old! Still talks like a 4yo and hugs like one too. I will miss his toddler years I think, he is such a cuddler :)
  4. Churros. Just yum.
  5. Listening to music, it's just relaxing. All kinds of music, with the exception to the likes of Bieber and the likes. There are others but probably not as famous or I just don't know their names/groups.
  6. The weather of late.  Sort of. We went from ~33C weather to 1C this weekend. I like the changes in the temperature when they aren't too extreme but the transition from winter to summer in TX is slightly different. We have like 1 month of this extremely perfect weather and then BOOM! 40C+ weather!
  7. My improved (still improving) gardening skills! Yes I have successfully cared for 12 plants as of last year! WOOT! I plan on adding more plants to that this year and perhaps some veggies. Very ambitious.
What annoys me?
  • Prefixing a dish with the word Mexican. Please stop doing that. Just because you add the word, does not mean it is a Mexican dish.  At least add "-like" or "Inspired" because that just irks me. I don't make enchiladas and call them cannoli. If you add chile of any type then it's an enchilada, if you don't then it is not an enchilada. Please stop. I'm sure other cultures would like that too.
  • People who don't pull their weight at work. No names but ugh.
  • The wind on the South Plains. Not cool.
Seems that I have more things I like than dislike. I would say that's progress from the past few years. I have also accomplished a few things from my new goals for the year! I have purged most of my clothing! My closet looks a little sad right now but that's OK because we are moving on. I joined the gym and have been only once because of my foot, it is still bothering me a little. Actually the day I went I damaged it further and it sent me right back to limping around. I had stopped having pain and figured I could jump around a bit but turns out I was wrong. I have success fully cooked 1 vegetarian meal per month, 2 in April!  Share some of them soon :)

I think that's enough for now, seems the block is over!


  1. Thats a different take on the rain. I always thought of it as a fresher smell. Didnt realize I was sniffing bacteria.

    Veggies aint that hard to grow as long as you dont have critters eating them.

    1. I hope the veggies aren't too difficult but we'll see. This year I am better prepared, I even have chicken wire to keep my dog from digging up my plants :)