27 June 2013

Updates and Such

I feel a little tired to today.  I had a ¾ post written the other day and I lost it because I forgot to save.  I decided to put it off for another few days.  Then I just didn’t do it.  Sigh.    So what’s up?   Well…

1.       The Spurs lost the Finals but you know what?  I loved every single second of those games!  They were amazing!  Especially the last 2 games.  Love the Spurs J
2.       The dryer broke but it has been replaced.  Story of my life – broken appliances. 
3.       The yard is looking pretty nifty right now.  I am now sporting a farmer’s tan from being out in the yard so much but the plants and reemerging grass look GOOD.
4.       The nephew is still cute as a button.
5.       Work is going well despite some mishaps last week. 
6.       I am obsessed with The American Baking Competition. 
7.       What is this whole Georgia thing I see after certain programs?  Georgia is the new Hollywood?
8.       Still knitting and still crafting but now that summer is here – less cooking.  Cereal has become a dinner staple for me of late.

Yup that’s about the extent of excitement in my life.  I will be attempting a carrot cake this weekend.  Yeah.  Excitement. Oh yeah, also had my teeth cleaned this week.  The dentist is still quite good-looking.  Not helpful when you have to open your mouth so wide for him though, not a flattering position.

I guess I needed some slow and just relaxing time.  I have been busy travelling and going about life way too fast of late it seems.  Let’s slow things down a bit Mr. Calendar. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week and enjoy your forthcoming weekend!


  1. Attempting to eat one or bake one? Either way I am in on that.

    I was pulling for the Spurs as well. Oh that game 6 was a heart breaker.

    1. Making and eating ;) Yeah game 6 nearly made me cry; there was quite a bit of yelling and cursing going on in my living room.