22 May 2013

Playing Catch-Up

Life is playing catch-up with me.  A few weeks ago one of the burners had gone out on my stove and had to replace that, which is done but still a pain in my tuckus.  On Tuesday I discovered that my AC was no longer operational.  You see most of May we had such crazy weather that I saw no need to use it because it was either cold or cool enough that I was OK without AC.  Therefore when I got back on Sunday night, it was OK so I didn't turn it on - then came Monday.  I go to turn it on and nothing.  I mean nothing.  No not nothing, hot air coming through the ducts was all I got.  I have no idea what is wrong with it and I just hope it's not too expensive to fix.

WHY?!  You know if it broke in August I would be OK because it starts cooling down here by mid- to late-August.  Honestly I'm good with temperatures up to 32C (90F), it sounds hot but the house stays pretty cool  and a ceiling fan is good at that temperature.  However, above that and you might as well just end it for me - please.

Honestly, this is not the worst thing that could happen, it's just not the best time for it to happen.  I know these things happen but it is truly frustrating.  Really makes me want to sell the house, although on a brighter note, I did get the property taxes down.  My property had been valued at $103K and most of the properties around were between $80K to $90K.  I sent in my protest form and the LBB CAD called me yesterday and offered $87K instead, so I agreed!  It was either agree or go to the
hearing and try and get something lower.  I probably could have gotten it lowered by $5K more but honestly I feel it's fair and I want it to reflect the neighborhood prices in case I do sell.  That way an agent won't check the property tax and try and lower the selling price.  Hopefully I get a little money back from my mortgage company due to lower property taxes.

Well have a good rest of the week peeps!


  1. Congrats on the successful appeal. The whole county here is at war over recent revaluations.

    My dad appealed and they turned him down. He appealed again and they turned him down again so he had a face to face appeal. My dad was a realty appraiser for yrs for the local power company and he was determined and he won. Had about $20000 knocked off. He tells the story often. LOL

    I have another 5 yrs before warranty runs out on my AC. We had to replace both units one yr apart. It gets expensive. Hopefully it is something cheap.

    1. It was fixed and the fix was so simple it made me angry. Two of the fuses had blown and that's why it didn't start but it was missing some coolant, the guy said it had a leak but I don't know how much. The unit is 30 yrs old so I guess it's regular wear and tear kind of thing but I still don't want to replace it. It would be so expensive!