01 May 2013

Mindful Celebration

Hello everyone :)  Over the past few days I have noticed that for some reason there have been a lot of articles about mindfulness.  I like it.  Keep the trend going people.  I have to say that when I read stuff about gratitude, I always wonder how can you be so grateful all of the time.  It's due to mindfulness, you have to make the time and effort to be grateful.  I think I need to start penciling that into my agenda.  Although of late I haven't been to mindful of following said agenda, either way I will try to be more mindful of what I do and what I have.

On another note, as a Mexican-American and previous Mexican citizen I have something to say - Stop calling Cinco de Mayo independence day!  It is not!  That's to local restaurants and local Mexican-American/Chicano/Latinos in the LBB area.  Cinco de Mayo in Mexico celebrates the ass-whooping provided to the French courtesy of the Mexican citizens due to some loans (unpaid).  OK so Mexico didn't pay up but were willing to set up some payment plans.  The French didn't like it and decided to set up house in Mexico as payment.  May 5th was simply a day in which the French got a taste of military power in Mexico, though for Mexico the victory was short-lived and a year later the French took over for about 5 years.  They were kicked out eventually but still everyone likes to commiserate about that day, goes something like:

"Hey remember when we kicked France's butt?"

"Yeah that was cool."

"OK back to work."

Yeah Mexico doesn't make as big a deal as the US does about that specific battle, probably because the French came to stay for some time after that battle.  Besides it's really only Puebla that celebrates it big because that's where that battle happened.  Which leads me to the next point, it was people from Puebla in the USA who began those celebrations and for some reason it caught on here and now we all use it as an excuse to go drinking - tequila.

If you do want to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, it's September 16th but it starts at exactly midnight, so the celebrations start the day before or week before.  You know might as well make a week of it, now that's a party in which the whole country participates!  Actually not a bad time to go to Mexico, it's the best of the best for everything on those days.  


  1. I'm pretty sure it became as big as it did due to beer companies and bars.

    They have been advertising pretty hard here for 2 weeks so far.

    But congrats on running the French out. I wonder if they were as rude back then.

    1. Yeah I'm sure advertising had a lot to do with it and I do believe the French were just as rude then ;) Well the Parians, the rest of the country is actually pretty nice. At least that was my experience :)