16 April 2013

Vacationing Po' Style

Hello all!  Recently I took a mini-vacation, it was OK.  More than OK, I truly enjoyed it and I think that I really needed that small break.  Where did I go?

Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe, NM.
I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a side trip to Taos, New Mexico.  Loved it!  Santa Fe is one of the oldest cities in the US, it was founded by missionaries and intrepid Spanish pioneers in the 1800's.  The cathedral was beautiful.  They also have the Loretto Chapel with an awesome staircase!  Personally I love the architecture style that characterizes Santa Fe; old adobe buildings now imitated with modern materials.  I can't begin to tell you how much I love those old houses, I think because growing up my Grandparents house resembled an old adobe house.  Whatever the reason I would love to have a house like that some day :)

Obviously lots of art in Santa Fe, maybe not obvious if you aren't from the southwest.  Well, lots of galleries and history; even more museums.  There's a Georgia O'Keefe museum and her house is about an hour outside of Santa Fe, on the road to Taos.

San Francis de Asis, Taos, NM.
Taos is one of the only inhabited Native American towns left in the USA, I mean original town.  Their homes have been around for more than a century.  Pretty bad ass, they kicked out the Spanish and then let them return on their terms.  Then when the USA inherited NM, they killed the appointed governor.  Actually the consequences of that particular murder were pretty disastrous for them, their town was bombed and many
women/children died in the bombing.  Taos is supposed to have a "hum" that you hear when in town but the lady at the visitor's center said it was the dumb hippies who made that up.  I'm making up a new rumor, there are aliens in Taos.  As we drove into Taos there was a very reflective object on the side of a mountain.  When I was asked if I heard the hum, I said no but I saw a light on the mountain. I asked what building was there and the woman that made the "hippie" remark said, "How about you start a new rumor?  It was an UFO!"  I could not stop laughing!  So, yeah, there are UFO's in Taos.

Well that has been my very long weekend that started last week on Thursday and ended on Sunday.  Oh yeah, why was it poor?  The hotel wasn't a super nice hotel but more than met our needs and not a lot of cash flowing out of my purse.  I instead enjoyed the free stuff, not to say we didn't spend money just not on stupid crap or expensive items that I will throw away in a few years.


  1. Love that staircase. It has no center support pole. It took real craftmanship to build it.

    1. Yeah, you don't find that type of workmanship as often anymore. It was very beautiful :)