13 December 2016


These were
inexpensive and they
look really nice. 
Still chugging along and creating a nicer aesthetic around myself.

Still need to
add a frame
to that mirror.
Well as promised here is the final product - the bathroom! The shower stall walls are a basic kit that I got at Home Depot, the quality is OK and installation rather easy but it's not the prettiest. Then again at $75 it was a steal. If I had had the money I would have tiled the walls but maybe in a few years if I decide to stay in this house longer. The color is nice but I forget what it was called, all I know is that I got it at Ace Hardware from a color I chose at Lowes. The showerhead and faucet are a Moen piece that I got at Lowe's when they had a clearance event for about $25. The paint was a total of $35 but that doesn't include all expenses.

Wal-Mart cabinet my
sister no longer wanted.
Yay me :)
  • Paint $35
  • Shower Wall Kit $75
  • Showerhead Kit $25
  • Primer $20
  • Compound $16
  • Tape $2
  • Paint Supplies (misc.) $20
  • Shower Supplies (misc.) $40
  • Lighting $20
  • Towel Hooks $10
  • Drywall $20
  • Misc. Items $100
  • Total:  $383

I love these hooks!
I found them
for $4 at Ross.

I guess final cost it was more likely more, including all the time I dedicated to this project. Things I learned, I don't mind the hard work and my father really wishes his daughters were more feminine. I don't think he completely dislikes our DIY abilities but I sometimes get the feeling he questions his choice of activities with young daughters back in the day. I think he's regretting not taking tea now, even if most of the time he just thinks it's cool we can do these type of projects. Although without his help that bathroom would have been a week long or 2-week long project for me alone. Likely more expensive too because I would have gone through quite a bit of trial and error.

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