23 October 2014

Hugs and Health Fairs

Hugs and kisses from a 4 year old, a dangerous pastime if you ask me. About 2 weeks ago my nephew came to visit and the little bugger didn't show any symptoms until Sunday. It was too late for me, I knew it was just a matter of time. Sure enough by Wednesday I was feeling achy and cold, the next day it was a full blown runny nose, congestion, and sore throat. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were non-stop congestion no matter how many decongestants I popped. You know when you try to breath through your nose and instead you hear a high pitched squeak? That was me. Sinus problems and a sore throat. Let us just say that by Saturday I was feeling a little homicidal and had a serious case of cabin fever. I hate being sick but then again other than a kid facing a math test - who doesn't? Either way I have survived the worst, without committing any crimes. I am still recovering but am attempting to rebuild my life.

I know so dramatic.

In other news, I went to a "health fair" at work today to have some major health markers measured. Well the 2 markers I was truly interested in were cholesterol levels and glucose levels. Those 2 machines were broken. What else did they have then? Let me illuminate you. I went downstairs and stood in line to be called fat. When we did the BMI portion I was told I was obese and that I needed to incorporate more exercise into my routine. Oh yeah, control that horrible calorie intake too! Well lets see, I don't have lots of sweets and I go to the gym 5 days out of the week, maybe not this week but special circumstances did not permit me to do so. My antioxidant levels were also low, very low. I was on the Poor end of the scale because despite all the fruits and veggies I eat but obviously a little blue light knows better than I do what I eat. The only silver lining in my fat ridden body was my blood pressure: 107/68. What's worse is being told by a skinny dietician who can't bother to wear work appropriate clothing because she's too fit to be bothered to get out of her gym clothing that you are fat. OK a little mean but I wasn't too happy, I mean it's a fair and the email talked about advice being given. I wonder if she had known how I exercise and what I eat if she would have been so blase? It was not cool. Last time I go to one of those things. The mirror calls me fat too and at least it's polite enough not to do it in public.


  1. Oh yuck - that health fair sounds awful. I'm sorry that skinny-mini was so rotten to you. Not cool!!

  2. Oh my - not good to be called fat by a "skinny dietician"! I understand where you are coming from though, my doctor recently called me "technically obese". It's really like a kick in the teeth when you are trying and well aware of your situation, but then someone finds the need to point it out.

    Hope you're feeling better...

    1. Thanks, much better the cold is subsiding and only a little congestion left :)